I find my passion for K-12 education comes from my intense interest both in the content we teach and learn, and in how we teach and learn. I would call this content and process. Crucial to our success as educators is our ability to deliver engaging material, both in content and in presentation. For example, engaging a child with a creative physical manipulative in mathematics, or utilizing captivating images in teaching the concept of compare and contrast enhances both teacher delivery and also engagement on the part of the learners themselves. We nurture students’ independence, creativity, and self-confidence as we teach. This promotes risk taking, the confidence to be wrong, and the ability to try again. The ideal environment favors structured and supportive, yet challenging and innovative, learning. How can we take these ideas further? What learning do you bring to the topic? Are you passionate about this topic? What are you passionate about?

I welcome feedback on my ideas concerning education. I am always eager to investigate new ideas for creative, groundbreaking work in the field of elementary education.

David Sutton
B.Comm, B.B.A., M.B.A., Ms Ed, Advanced Certificate in Gifted Education, Ed.M